Preparing Your Property For A Makeover With The Help Of Rock Removal

If you are planning major renovations for your home, work may need to be done inside and outside. When you get ready to excavate for a new foundation or move soil for outdoor living space, there may be rocks that are in the way. Therefore, you are going to need help with the removal of these materials. The following rock removal solutions may be what you need to get your property ready for renovations:

Planning and Surveying for Rock Removal

The planning of your property renovations should begin with planning. If you already know there are rock materials that you have to deal with, you will want to have surveying done. Today, technology like ground sonar can be used to identify the materials beneath the soil. This saves time when it comes to removing rock materials. Surveying will let you know exactly where the materials need to be removed and the work that will need to be done to remove them.

Precise Cutting to Deal with Bedrock Materials

If the materials are bedrock, then special techniques are needed to remove the rock materials. This will start with precision cutting and blasting techniques. When there is an existing structure on your property, this work has to be carefully planned to protect it from damage. Today, there are also wire and water jet cutting techniques that can be used to cut and remove these rock materials with minimal or no blasting.

Removal of the Loose Rock Materials For Landscaping

The loose rock materials are another problem that you may face when doing landscaping renovations. Excessive rock materials cause issues with drainage and soil quality for the plants in landscaping. It can also cause damage to equipment. Therefore, special attachments for tractors or skid steers need to be used to remove these materials. After the rock is removed, a load of fresh topsoil may be needed to complete the landscaping renovations.

Moving Rock Materials for Hardscaping in Outdoor Spaces

While much of the materials you have removed will be hauled away, some rocks can be used in the landscaping design. Natural formations can be relocated and used for rock garden features in your landscaping. If you have removed large boulders, they can be used as practical building materials for features like retaining walls in hardscaping designs. You will need to talk to the rock removal service about your plans and setting aside the best stone materials to reuse for these features.

The rocks on your property can often be used for projects like hardscaping in outdoor living space, but sometimes they are too much. Therefore, you will want to contact a rock removal service to help haul away the materials you don't need.

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