Need New Windows? Know Your Options For Window Styles

If you need to get new windows for your home, you likely debated over what kind of material you want. However, your next decision should be about the style of the window. Here is what you need to know about several different styles to make an informed decision.

Bay Windows

If you want to add a little bit of square footage to your home, consider using a bay window.  While the window will be more expensive, it provides a unique aesthetic where the window extends outside of your home. A bay window can create a space where people can sit, you can have decorations set up, or that can simply be an attractive feature of a room. Use a bay window in a kitchen to gain a place to put plants and other items that normally wouldn't fit in the space.

Casement Windows

What makes casement windows unique is the way that they open.  A crank is used to pivot the window until it is 90 degrees. This type of window can help provide more of a breeze to your home, which is perfect for homes during the summer that do not have air conditioning. The latch that locks the windows also helps create a seal that is airtight and makes your home more energy-efficient. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are used in places where you do not want the window to open. This can include in the middle of a u-shaped staircase, in a basement, or a window that extends into a closet.  You'll save money by not having an opening mechanism, and have improved energy efficiency as a result.

Double-Hung Windows

The double-hung window is extremely popular with homeowners due to how they open.  They have lower and upper panels that can move into any position that you want, and tilt inward for easy cleaning. You can use safety features to open a window from the top, which also prevents children and pets from pressing against a screen on the bottom portion of the window.

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window is just like it's double-hung counterpart, but one panel is in a fixed position and does not move. If you do not need the versatility of opening both window panels, a single hung window can save you money.

Not sure which windows you want for your home? Meet with a window contractor for a consultation. They'll let you know which styles will work best for each room's individual needs.

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