Water, Water Everywhere: Is There A Safe Drop To Drink?

Well water is a system with a very delicate balance. Take too much and your well runs dry and you have no water, but do too little to maintain your well and the water will not be fit for consumption. Water system maintenance is not a difficult thing when you know who to hire and what that business will provide in terms of service. To give you an idea of how this service can maintain, preserve, and provide you with enough water to drink for a long time, here is a description of the most commonly performed tasks. 

Clarity Testing

Well water is rarely one hundred percent clear. It is, after all, water from the ground. However, the well maintenance contractor will test the water for clarity from the standpoint that your water should not be excessively dark, excessively muddy, or discolored to the point where you cannot tell it is water. If there are any visual abnormalities with your well water, it may not be safe to drink, no matter how many filters you run the water through. If there are any indicators that there is a health risk with your water, the contractor will test for impurities and poisons next. 

Contaminant Testing

The contractor sets up what most closely resembles a series of test tubes and tiny chemical flasks on the edge of the well or somewhere where it is easy to work. He or she will draw water straight out of the well and put some water in each of the tubes. Certain chemicals are added to each test tube, and then the tubes are corked and swirled to mix the chemicals with the water inside. The tubes are allowed to rest for a few minutes until the results can be read. What the contractor is looking for are signs of lead, listeria and E. coli bacteria, mercury, sulfuric compounds, and other unpleasant things in your well water that can make you very sick. If any of these are discovered, the well has to be treated, and you cannot use the water until a full treatment has been completed. 

Well Repairs

Another task that this type of contractor does is examining the well and the pump. A camera is sent down into the well to look around, much like a sewer drain camera. If anything about the well is broken, damaged, or out of place, the well needs to be repaired. This is common after any notable seismic activity. Repairs are scheduled for a followup visit. 

For more information, contact a company that works with well water systems.

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