3 Asphalt Paving Repairs To Focus On This Fall

Asphalt paved surfaces are infamously known to be vulnerable to various weather conditions. Asphalt will expand and contract in the summer heat and the cold winter, respectively. For those reasons, autumn is the perfect time of year to have any repairs performed to your asphalt surfaces, since fall lacks temperatures extremes. But what type of repairs should you prioritize? Here is a look at three of the most important types of repairs that you should focus on during the autumn season.

Cracks and Potholes

Cracks and potholes let water seep through the driveway, which then leads to the soil beneath eroding. In the event that this happens, your asphalt surface could end up developing much more serious problems, leading to expensive repairs. Before cold weather arrives and it starts to snow and freeze over, get in touch with a local asphalt paving professional to inspect your asphalt driveway to determine if any repairs need to be performed. If cracks and potholes need to be filled in, have this performed during the fall season.

New Sealcoating

Sealcoating is an excellent preventive measure that can be used to help prevent extensive damage to your asphalt surface. Ultimately, sealcoating should be performed every three or so years to prevent surface damage from oil, ice, and salt. In order for the material to cure properly, nighttime temperatures should be approximately 50 degrees, which makes the fall season the perfect time of year to have sealcoating performed, as summer is too hot and winter is too cold.

Top Paving

If you are dealing with an old, cracked, and unsightly asphalt driveway, you may want to consider talking to your local asphalt contractor about top paving, which simply provides a new overly of asphalt to the existing asphalt surface. Asphalt tends to be less porous than other options, and as a result, it has the capability of protecting the driveway from foundation and ice damage, which helps to improve the overall appearance of your property while also increasing the curb appeal of your home. However, similar to sealcoating, top paving needs to be performed under nice weather conditions. If the weather gets too cold and it begins to snow and freeze, the process will have to wait until to springtime.

If you want to ensure that your asphalt driveway looks great and performs well, the aforementioned repairs should be a priority this fall. Get in touch with asphalt paving services in your area to learn more. 

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