Tips To Keep Your Septic System Healthy And Working Well

Your home's waste drainage system is an important component in your home, especially when you rely on your own septic system to handle the waste. It is essential you take care of your septic system by following specific rules. Here are some recommendations that septic professionals urge you to follow to keep up the health and function of your home septic system and help you avoid clogs and back-ups.

Watch What You Flush

One of the first steps with keeping your septic system in order is to be mindful of what you flush into the system. Make sure the type of toilet tissue you are flushing is safe for use in septic systems. Some types of toilet tissues don't dissolve as easily as they need to and can accumulate inside the septic tank, filling it more quickly.

Also make sure you use cleaners and soaps that are environmentally safe and beneficial to use in a septic system. Some soaps and cleaners are harmful to your septic system's beneficial bacteria. Without the right amount of bacteria, the solid waste in your septic system cannot be broken down properly.

Reduce and Eliminate Drainfield Clogs

When you don't manage what you flush into your waste system, it can lead to the septic's drainfield becoming clogged. Excessive water use and not pumping your tank as is recommended  can lead to solid waste flowing into the drainfield. This can lead to a clog in your drainfield line. 

Fortunately, you can try some at-home methods to unclog your drainfield lines. Treat your septic system drain lines with a bacteria packet to boost the bacteria content inside your drainfield for the bacteria to help dissolve the waste that has caused the blockage. Flush the packet of bacteria down your toilet and it will begin to work in your septic system.

You can also cut back on the amount of water you flush into your drainfield as a temporary maintenance. Putting less water into your septic system will give your drainfield time to dry out and your system will be able to repair itself naturally and eliminate the clog during the dry period.

Complete Necessary Maintenance and Repairs

When a clog in your drain field occurs and you cannot get it to clear, you will need to call a septic professional to check into the problem. It may be the case that one of your septic drain lines has become damaged and the line is cracked or collapsed. In this situation, your septic tank drainfield repair professional can replace and repair the broken and damaged drain line within your yard.

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