Choose Plumbing Options For Your New Restaurant

Are you opening a brand-new restaurant in the spring? If so, you have to determine the layout of the kitchen and restrooms that patrons will be able to access when they stop by your establishment. With so many different types of plumbing on the market, you may be unsure about which type will be cost effective and durable.

Non-Corrosive Materials Are Available

Galvanized plumbing may come to mind when you think of plumbing, but this type of plumbing isn't as prevalent as it once was, due to its tendency to corrode. Although galvanized plumbing has a protective layer on the outer part of each pipe, the interior of each pipe is left unprotected, leading to potential problems after excessive use.

Copper or PVC pipes are two modern types of plumbing. Check with the building contractor or plumber who you have hired to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each plumbing type. With copper or PVC plumbing, you will be making a long-term investment and won't need to worry about rust interfering with your water supply.

You May Need A Floor Drain

Messes occur frequently in a kitchen atmosphere, and even though you may have every intention of operating your restaurant perfectly and keeping spills to a minimum, liquids may wind up on the floor and create a potential hazard for you and your staff. Liquid spills could also penetrate through flooring, which could result in the need to replace expensive materials.

Ward off problems by choosing to have a floor drain installed in the kitchen. A floor drain will connect to pipes that run along the property that is underneath or alongside your restaurant. After a spill occurs, the liquid will drain through the cover and be deposited in a drain field. 

Think About Energy Efficiency In Your Restrooms

Excessive flushing can result in high water usage, which will drive up the amount you pay for utilities each month. Energy-efficient toilets are designed to use less water and are the perfect solution when dealing with a large number of people. Energy-efficient models, such as ones that are constructed of stainless steel or porcelain, look similar to standard models.

Plumbing that is sensor-activated will reduce the amount of flushing that takes place by eliminating the need for a person to manually depress a toilet handle. Instead, once the person who was seated on a toilet has stood up, the sensor will light up, resulting in the toilet flushing on its own. 

For more information, contact your local commercial plumbing services today.

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