3 Ways To Protect Your Asphalt Business Parking Lot

If you are responsible for a parking lot in conjunction with your business, you want to make sure that you take the right steps to protect your business parking lot. In order to attract customers to your business, you need to be able to offer your customers a nice and safe parking lot.

#1 Fill In Cracks

If you can see any cracks in your asphalt parking lot, fill them in the next time you have a sunny day. You can use cold-patch to fill in the cracks. Make sure that you shove the cold patch down into the cracks to fill them in, and smooth the patch over the top of the cracks so that the crack is filled and even with the rest of your parking lot.

You don't want to leave cracks exposed during the winter time. If the cracks are exposed, water will get into the cracks and just make them worse.

#2 Take Care Of Pot Holes

If you have pot holes in your asphalt parking lot, you are going to want to fill those potholes in. You don't want to leave potholes in place. The potholes will expand and get larger. Potholes are dangerous for various reasons. To start with, they can be hard on vehicles. As a business, having potholes in your parking lot also puts the safety of your customers at risk as they walk in and out of your home.

Filling a pot hole requires a little more equipment more than a little patch equipment, so you may want to call up your local paving contractor to properly fill any pot holes in your asphalt business parking lot. A special mixture needs to be used to fill potholes in the winter to ensure that the mixture is able to cure in the cold temperatures.

#3 Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

It is important to keep your parking lot clean, especially in the winter time when you are going to be using snow plows to keep your parking lot safe. You should clean up your parking lot on a regular basis so that there is not debris all over your parking lot. An easy way to keep your parking lot clean is by providing outside trash cans that you empty out on a regular basis. This will prevent people from throwing trash around your parking lot.

Beyond that, you should use a leaf blower to clean up debris and keep your parking lot clean. This will make it easier to keep your parking lot clean and safe throughout the winter. 

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