3 Reasons To Have Your Property Surveyed

Having your property professionally surveyed by a land surveying company is something many homeowners overlook until there is a dispute of some sort, whether it's a boundary dispute with a neighbor or a flood elevation certificate dispute with your insurance company. If you own a home with land, it's always a smart idea to have your property surveyed so that, should a dispute arise, you'll already have the paperwork and proof you need. Here are three important reasons to have your property professionally surveyed:

You Live in a Flood Zone

If you live in a flood zone, you need to have a flood insurance policy. Most insurance companies will not provide you with flood insurance unless you provide a flood elevation certificate prepared by a professional land surveyor. This document will explain the boundaries of your property just like a regular property survey, while also including the additional information of your property's elevation details. This helps your insurance company determine your risk level, and getting one can help you snag a more affordable policy if your property is on a hill.

You Intend to Put Up Fencing

In order to put up a fence without incurring any legal risk, you need to make sure you know exactly where your property boundary is. In some cases, a land survey will reveal that your boundary is closer to your home than you thought. If you build a fence that is technically on your neighbor's property instead of your own, they are allowed to ask you to take it down and move it. This is much more expensive and inconvenient than simply finding out where your property boundary is in the first place by hiring a land surveying company.

You Plan to Build

Local ordinances in your city or county most likely dictate that construction must be a specific minimum distance from your neighbor's property border. If you are planning to build a garage, mother-in-law cottage, or other addition to your property, it is crucial to know exactly where your property ends so that you can figure out where you are allowed to build. Otherwise, you could be subject to a lawsuit from your neighbor, or to the city or county declaring that you must stop construction.

Being proactive and paying for a professional land survey of your property will give you peace of mind, and it will potentially protect you legally and financially in the future.

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