How To Avoid Being Electrocuted In Your Home When Doing Electrical Work

As a homeowner, you may avoid dealing with electrical repairs and upgrades on your own because of the fear of being electrocuted. With at least 30,000 accidents happening each year where someone received a non-fatal electrical shock, it's understandable why this area of your home is best left to the professionals. It does not matter if you are doing something simple, such as upgrading your electrical work for home automation, or doing a more complicated repair, these tips will help you prevent you from- being electrocuted.

Turn Off The Power At The Circuit Breaker

A common mistake that homeowners make is not taking the proper steps to turn off the power before doing electrical repairs. For instance, if you are swapping out the lighting in your kitchen, you may think you're safe by just turning off the electricity at the light switch. An electrical current can still travel through that wire, and it is best to protect yourself by shutting off the electricity at the circuit breaker.

Inspect The Surrounding Area For Any Water

Electricity easily flows through water since it is a great electrical conductor. That's why you want to make sure that there is no water in your work area before you do an electrical repair or upgrade. You may be doing a simple lighting swap in your kitchen, but accidentally resting a screwdriver on a wet part of the kitchen counter could lead to getting shocked. Dry off the area to ensure your own safety.

Use Rubber Gloves

An effective insulator to protect you from electricity is rubber. Be sure to have some rubber gloves in your toolbox for this reason, since it will give you the protection from electricity that you need to stay safe. That said, you can't use the rubber gloves from your kitchen that you use to wash dishes. You need special rubber gloves designed for electricians, and they will do a much better job at preventing shocks.

Be Aware of Overloaded Outlets

When you have too many devices plugged into a single outlet, it can cause the wires to get very hot. The insulation around the wires can melt off of them, which makes them more dangerous to handle. You'll want to remember this for repairing an outlet that has many devices plugged into it, since that exposed part of the wire could cause an electrocution.

If you do not feel up to the task of doing this kind of electrical work on your own because of a fear of getting shocked, contact a local electrician, like Excel Electric Inc, to do the work for you.

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