Preparing For A New Carpet Installation

If you are interested in covering worn hardwood floors with luxurious carpeting, you are most likely excited about the enhancement this addition will give to your home. There are a few steps you should undertake in preparation for a carpet installation service to come to your home to do the job. Here are some tips you can use to get your home ready for installation so there are no delays in getting your floor covering in place.

Remove All Furniture From Areas Where Carpeting Will Be Placed

It is important to remove any personal effects from the rooms where carpeting will be installed. This will allow for workers to get moving in doing the installation without worrying about rearranging items to get carpeting in place. In addition to obvious items like furniture and decor in the rooms, it is best to remove items from the walls and ceilings as well. This will aid in letting the installation service move around the room freely without worrying about hitting a mirror, picture frame, or light fixture in the process.

Make Sure There Is A Pathway Available To Bring In Carpeting

When workers come to your home to do an installation, they will have a long rolled up carpet to haul into your home. This will require that hallways and adjoining rooms to get to the areas being carpeted are also free of home decor. Map out the projected path you feel has the least amount of steps to get to the rooms where carpeting is going, and remove all items in these areas so workers can get inside with your new floor covering with ease. It is wise to have doorstops on hand so workers can navigate through the home without having to stop to open or close doors.

Prepare An Area For Pets Or Children

When a carpeting service arrives to do an installation, it is a good idea to have children and pets in an area out of the way of the work being done. Designate a room in your home that you can close off for this purpose. Place a sign on the door indicating pets or small children are inside of the room so workers do not open the door accidentally should they be looking for a restroom. Alternatively, hire a babysitter to take children out of the home during the day the carpeting installation service is to be on the premises.

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