The Best Options For Having Your Old Boiler Removed

When it is time to install a new boiler, you may have an old boiler that you no longer need. Simply disposing of the boiler is not good for the environment and you may even be able to get cash from your old boiler. However, given the nature of boilers, in most cases, it makes sense to simply sell or donate it intact.

Consider Donating It

Even if your boiler seems like an old clunker, you can surprisingly get a lot of money from your old boiler. Older boilers can be refurbished and still be functional. Also, your boiler may only need a few repairs before it can be donated to a home that cannot afford a new boiler. Contact a non-profit that works with needy families to find out if they have a need for a boiler. If they are not able to rehabilitate it, they can at least scrap it and use the profits to help a needy family. 

Why The Scrap Might Not Be Worth It

The used boiler, piping, and trim can be worth some money at a scrapyard, but not very much given that a boiler is mostly made out of iron. Disassembling the boiler in order to sell it for scrap is only a good idea if the boiler does not work at all. Otherwise, it will be worth more by remaining intact. Also, if the boiler is very old, there is a risk that it is encased in asbestos. Breathing in this toxin can be very bad for your health.

Consider Keeping It

If the boiler is still functional and you still have space for it, you may want to simply hold onto it and use it as a backup if your new boiler eventually fails. The old boiler may also have parts that you can use to repair the new one, saving you money on repair costs.

Have It Removed For Free

The great thing about having a boiler removed is that you can often have it removed for free. If you are simply concerned about the hassle of removing your boiler, look for a free metal removal service. These companies make a profit by selling whatever scrap they can, so they are more than willing to come into your home and remove your boiler for you. The company that installs your new boiler may also be willing to remove it for free.

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