Astound Your B&B's Guests Before Breakfast With These 5 Bathroom Accessories

B&Bs are known for two things: their beds and their breakfasts. There's a third "B," however that greatly impacts guests experiences at B&Bs. It's the bathroom. According to LittleHotelier, 94 percent of B&Bs in the U.S. have private bathrooms. If you run a B&B, here are five bathroom accessories that will help add an air of luxury to your bed and breakfast -- before your guests even come down for breakfast in the morning.

Wall-Mounted Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap Dispensers

It's common for hotels and B&Bs to provide complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soap for their guests to use. Lots of establishments offer small bottles of each. There's another way to offer shampoo, conditioner and soap for your guests, though.

Instead of stocking your B&B's bathrooms with little bottles, you can install wall-mounted dispensers in each shower and bathtub. These dispensers will add an air of luxury, as they're not common, and you can match their design to each bathroom's decor. As an added bonus, wall-mounted dispensers will also save you money because your guests won't be able to take shampoo and conditioner they don't use home with them.

A Wall-Mounted Warming Towel Rack

A wall-mounted rack that warms towels will ensure your guests don't have to step out of their warm showers and baths and into cold air. If you put a rack within arm's reach of each bathroom's shower stall or bathtub, guests will be able to put a towel on the rack when they turn on the water. By the time they're done washing, the towel will be warmed and ready for them to wrap themselves in.

Like wall-mounted dispensers, towel warmers aren't common in homes -- or even in many hotels. Because lots of places don't have them, they'll make your B&B different from others.

A Bathtub Caddy

If your B&B's bathrooms have bathtubs, let your guests fully enjoy them by stocking each bathroom with a bathtub caddy. A good caddy will span the width of the bathtub, so guests can rest it above the water. It'll have a stand to hold a book and, perhaps, a place for a glass or mug. With a book and beverage, some guests will soak in the tub for hours.

When selecting a caddy, make sure you find a model that will be compatible with your B&B's bathtubs. If your bed and breakfast's bathtubs are antique, they might be narrower or wider than today's standard tubs. Measure the width, and look for a caddy that's either at least that wide or that can adjust to be that wide.

Bath Salts or Bubble Bath

To further encourage guests to take full advantage of your B&B's bathtubs, stock bath salts or bubble bath in each bathroom. Far from a gimmick for children, these are both luxuries that adults enjoy. In the hecticness of day-to-day life, people often don't have time to use bath salts or take a bubble bath. When they're relaxing at your B&B, though, they will if they so choose.

Bath salts or bubble bath might seem expensive, but you should be able to get them for an affordable price by buying in bulk.

Themed Towels

Many B&Bs have themed rooms. For example, you might have a "Forest Room," "Sleigh Room" or "Mariner's Room." Many guests appreciate the unique decor of each room, and this is one of the charms that attracts them to B&B's rather than hotels, which tend to have identical rooms.

If your B&B does have uniquely themed rooms, extend each room's theme into its bathroom with themed towels. You can either find towels that complement each room's theme, or you can have custom towels made.

For more ideas on bathroom accessories, contact a company like Central Plumbing Specialties.

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