Creative Concrete Stamping: 3 Patio Design Ideas For Outdoor Living Space

With record low interest rates and house markets rising again, many Canadians are taking advantage of these market factor to remodel their homes. One space, in particular, seems to be getting more and more attention: backyard patios.

One of the trendiest home renovation projects involves creating more "outdoor living space".  Outdoor living space attempts to give outdoor space an indoor feel. When designing outdoor living space on your backyard patio there's really only one flooring solution to choose: stamped concrete. Here are three creative concrete ideas that you should consider when transforming your patio into an outdoor living space.


If you want your patio's new floors to standout, you need to choose a stamped concrete design idea that's truly unique. One of the ways that your stamped concrete contractors can give your patio floors a design that can't be replicated is through fabric-formed concrete stamping.

Fabric-formed concrete stamping is a process that involves pressing inflated plastic sheeting wrapped in various fabric into wet concrete. As the concrete dries, the fabric stamps impressions into the concrete's surface that add unique textures and patterns. Because the fabrics inevitably rest slightly differently each time this process is used, your patio's stamped concrete floors will be one of a kind.

When choosing fabric-formed stamped concrete design it's important to consider the texture and pattern that works best for your patio. Many stamped concrete contractors can make molds of several fabric-formed one-by-one foot squares that closely approximate the texture and pattern stamped by each fabric they offer. It's important to lay two or three of these squares side-by-side on your patio when you're trying to choose.


Another creative stamped concrete design idea involves stenciling. You can augment standard stamped concrete designs by adding a stenciled image periodically onto your patio floor's surface. Many of the best stamped concrete floor contractors can take just about any stenciled design, upload it onto a computer, print it on a 3D printer, and stamp it into stamped concrete patio floor.

Here are some themes to consider:

  • Nature: choose a naturally occurring shape or object from the surrounding natural landscape. For instance, if your backyard has many oak trees, you may want an oak leaf stencil stamped into your stamped concrete patio floors. Some popular natural stencils designs include star fish, snowflakes, big game animals (deer, elk, bear, etc.), birds, and fish.
  • Sports Teams: if you're a diehard sports fan, why not have your favorite team stenciled into your patio's stamped concrete floors?
  • Family name: stenciling your family's surname into your stamped concrete patio floor honors your family and adds a truly personalized element to your new floors.

Metallic Finishes

Stamped concrete floors are very versatile. Another way to allow your patio's stamped concrete floor to extenuate your new patio's theme is with a metallic finish. Metallic finishes can be applied to any stamped concrete floor design. Additionally, each metallic floor finish can be sanded or polished to customize its aesthetic qualities.

  • Copper: copper metallic finishes are perfect for desert or xeroscaped patio themes. Polished copper finishes add a luster that works well with wood or beige patio furnishings. A more distressed copper finish will tone down the shine and compliment stone or metallic patio furnishings.
  • Silver: silver metallic finishes create a mirror-like quality to your stamped concrete patio floor. This mirror-like effect can make a small space appear larger. To tone down this mirroring effect you can have the finish sanded down.

Stamped concrete flooring can be the creative flooring choice you need to turn your patio into an outdoor living space. These three unique design ideas can be a great start to your exploration of this innovative patio flooring option. For more information, contact a business such as Mara Restoration, Inc.

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